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The idea behind 3DCar kept amazing the people exposed to it from the very beginning, even when our 3D model was only a set of interactive 3D boxes. Each new feature or improvement made people say "Wow!", "Superb!", "I can't wait to see a final version!". This very fact allowed the project to attract high quality members into its development team. They joined with the pure desire to help make it better and better, working with passion, dedication and lots of enthusiasm.

We proudly present you the team members who had very important contributions to the development of 3DCar:

Project management and programming -  Bogdan DEAKY Bogdan DEAKY
Project Management and Programming

Graduated the Technological Engineering Faculty, Transylvania University of Brasov in 2004 and obtained the Dr. Eng. Title in 2009 at the same institution, Product Design and Robotics Cathedra (thesis focuses on mechanical engineering / gear optimizations (ISO 6336) ). Bogdan has over 8 years of programming experience, a tendency to initiate innovative projects, several published articles and won two international engineering project competitions. He is the general manager of Bluemind Software.

3D Modelling and environment - Cristian BRONESCU Cristian BRONESCU
3D Modelling and environment

Graduated the Mechanical Engineering Faculty, Transylvania University of Brasov in 2005 and the Management Faculty, Spiru Haret University of Brasov. in 2009. With more than 8 years of 3D graphics experience, Cristi has worked as the team leader in modelling, rigging and texturing on projects for companies like: Disney Ltd., Orange Romania, Fox TV, Cartoon Network, Method Films Paris, Comedy Central, Bravo Studio and others.

Marketing and PR  - Irina MICU Irina MICU
Marketing and PR

Graduated Economics and Business Administration Faculty, Al.I.Cuza University of Iasi in 2005 (majored in both Tourism & Services and International Business Relations). Irina has previously worked for one of the Big Four companies, namely KPMG Romania, as a tax consultant. Now she is Bluemind Software's marketing manager.

Designer(GUI, advertising materials)  - Cornel HARSAN Cornel HARSAN
Designer (GUI, advertising materials, website)

Licenced in Busines Management at the Management Faculty, Spiru Haret University of Brasov (2009) and student at the Technological Engineering Faculty, Transylvania University of Brasov. Cornel has over 7 years experience in design/webdesign/dtp and worked on a few hundred projects for numerous companies like Häfele, DHW,, BlueMind Software, MadkoDesign, Rentabiliweb group and others.